Main St. Water and Sewer Improvements

Plymouth Village Water and Sewer District will be replacing parts of its existing sewer system and water systems along Route 3 (Main Street) and neighboring streets from Warren Street to Old North Main Street. The construction will take place within the rights-of-way of State and Town-owned streets. It is anticipated that this project will create disruptions to the Main Street Corridor.

January Meeting (morning) video

January Meeting (evening) video

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The District will be replacing water and sewer lines in the downtown area. See information provided in the October Presentation.
The District was initially planning construction of water and sewer projects to begin in the current year (2021). However, the Town was recently awarded a substantial grant for stormwater drainage system replacement through the US Economic Development Administration and the District will delay the water and sewer work in order to partner with the Town. This partnership will allow both projects to proceed together so the work needed on the southern end of Main Street can be completed at the same time, thereby minimizing impacts and disruption to the residents, businesses, and traffic that would result from two separate projects. While impacts will include temporary water services, temporary alternating or one lane traffic on streets during excavation, as well as potential traffic detours, it is expected that Main Street will remain open to traffic at all times. Plans are being developed to minimize inconvenience and to maintain access to driveways, storefront access for patrons and deliveries, downtown parking, and pedestrian traffic during construction. Emergency vehicle routes will not be impacted. It is expected that night-time construction will be employed in high traffic areas within the Main Street corridor to help alleviate disruptions during business hours. The following is a tentative overall schedule for the combined project; however, the specific timelines will be influenced by such things as weather, the requirements of NHDOT, and the federal funding agencies: Project Design and Bidding through Winter 2021/22 Construction Start March – April 2022 Construction End May - June 2023 Business and property owners along the construction corridor will be contacted as the engineering work advances in order to understand and consider individual concerns and operational need for inclusion in the final traffic continuation plan during construction. In the meantime, residents and interested parties can remain informed on project progress by visiting the Plymouth Village Water and Sewer District’s Main Street Water & Sewer Improvements project website where they can review current developments and register to receive notifications as updates are added: