Frequently Asked Questions - Sewer

Call the business office to see if a tour may be arranged.  Tours may be available on a limited basis depending on projects, waste-load, etc.

PVWSD has worked very hard to control the odors occasionally emanating from the Treatment Facility.  We have in-ground biological filters that aid in filtering the air prior to leaving the plant.  We also have stopped the composting operation, which was one of the main sources of odor.  What is happening down at the Treatment Plant?  I hear lots of construction noise.

2010 and 2011 will bring about an almost $6 million upgrade to our Treatment Plant.  PVWSD was very  fortunate to receive a 75% grant for  improvements to the Treatment Facility.  There will be a lot of construction and many changes happening over the next 15-18 months.  These changes will bring the facility up to new design specifications recommended by NH Dept. of Environmental Services.

The odor you smell may be emanating from the Wastewater Treatment Facility at the south end of Green Street.  This facility processes the waste water from the Water & Sewer District in Plymouth.  When the weather is in a low pressure condition, the odors do not dissipate as quickly and an ammonia- like smell can be noticed throughout the southern area of downtown.  As soon as the weather changes, the odor usually disappears.

You are located within the Water and Sewer District, but must be in a location where there is a sewer line only and no water line. Water from you well is metered and this is billed for sewer use only.  Sewer discharge is not metered directly.