Frequently Asked Questions - Billing

Plymouth Village Water & Sewer District is not part of the Town government.  PVWSD is a separate municipality that serves water and sewer infrastructure.  We are regulated by the NH Dept. of Environmental Services and the US Environmental Protection Agency.  For the residents and businesses with in the bounds of the district If you have any questions - please call 536-1733.

The full balance is due on or before the due date stated on your bill.  If there is a reason that you cannot pay your full balance, contact the office staff who can will arrange payment plan with you.  Balances due will still be subject to the $10 penalty or 12% annual late fee, whichever is greater.

Please contact our Business Office immediately if there is a reason that you will not be able to pay your bill on time. The Office Staff can help you with a payment plan.

Payments are due 30 days from mailing.  The due date appears in the upper right corner of your statement.  There is a $10.00 penalty or 12% annual intrest rate late fee (whichever is greater) if not paid by the due date.

PVWSD bills on a quarterly basis.  Bills are mailed the last day of March, June, September and December.

Please call, email, complete a question form on this website or come by our Business Office during normal business hours.  Staff will be glad to help.

Please call or visit the Business Office at 536-1733 between 8:00-4:00.  Staff members will be happy to assist you.